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What Are the Four Major Categories of Coverage in Homeowners Insurance?

Are you looking for comprehensive coverage for your home? The right home insurance can cover your home, belongings, and other structures. It also covers liability for injuries and property damage to visitors for covered events and accidents in your house. To learn more about homeowners insurance, keep reading and make an appointment with the helpful agents at AAIGOT Insurance Agency Inc in Houston, TX.

Home Insurance: 4 Major Categories 

1. Dwelling Protection

Dwelling protection covers the structure of your house, including the walls, roof, and foundation. This includes the deck, garage, and other structures attached to the home. 

2. Other Structures Protection

This insurance covers damages to your shed, fence, detached garage, and other structures not attached to the main property. It’s typically capped at a percentage of your total insurance, as determined in your policy.

3. Personal Property Protection

Someone breaks into your house and steals your computers and TV. A fireplace fire damages your new living room set. What can you do? With personal property protection, you simply call your insurance company to file a claim. Find out how to determine how much personal property protection you need when you meet with your insurance agent. Some items, such as jewelry, may exceed the value of your regular coverage, so discuss additional protection with your representative.

4. Liability Protection

When you have guests over, you aren’t thinking about accidents that result in liability. Fortunately, with personal property protection, you don’t have to. If someone trips over a crack in the driveway or falls due to a broken porch step, you could end up footing the bill. Bodily injury coverage may pay for legal expenses and medical bills if the courts find you’re at fault. Typically, it also covers property damage for guests and visitors for covered events. However, it’s important to thoroughly understand what your policy pays for. 

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