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4 Things Covered by Home Insurance

Given the amount of investment you have put in your Houston, TX home, you wouldn’t want to go without home insurance from AAIGOT Insurance Agency Inc. But before purchasing home insurance, you may want to find out what it covers. Below are 4 things covered by homeowners insurance.

Liability protection

Assume your dog bites a neighbor, or perhaps someone slips in your swimming pool and injures their neck or back. In either case, you will be faced with medical expenses and possible legal suits for alleged negligence. However, the liability coverage in your home insurance pays for medical costs and lawsuits that you would otherwise have paid from your pocket.

And that’s not all. Home insurance pays for damages caused to third parties. For instance, damage to your neighbor’s wall or fire spreading from your home to the nearby homes.

Structure protection

Fire, windstorms, and hails can cause significant damage to your home. When the unthinkable happens, home insurance can save the day by covering repairs or rebuilding your home up to your policy limit. Other structures on your property like the garage, porch, shed, and the fence is also covered in case of damage.

Contents coverage

Home insurance isn’t about liability and structures only. It extends to cover equipment inside your home. Whether damage or loss of your assets is by fire, storms, or theft, home insurance pays for the replacement.

Additional living expenses (ALE)

Suppose fire or a storm damages your home. This unfortunate event may force you to seek temporal shelter in a hotel. In the process, you will incur meals and accommodation expenses that you hadn’t budgeted for. Thankfully, the ALE coverage in your home insurance pays for expenses incurred above your normal spending.

Are you looking for home insurance protection? Don’t hesitate to contact AAIGOT Insurance Agency Inc. of Houston, TX. We will help protect you and your home at an unbeatable price.


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