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Texas Home Insurance: Different Kinds of Storm Insurance You’ll Need

Hurricanes and storms cost Texans and Americans across the nation billions every single year. When you live in Texas, you will need storm insurance that is in addition to your existing home insurance. Although not every kind of storm insurance is required by the state, you will find that home insurance even with flood insurance could create gaps in your protection if your home is damaged by a storm. 

At AAIGOT Insurance Agency Inc. we want Houston, TX residents to feel protected financially with their home insurance and storm insurance coverage.

Hurricane Insurance

Hurricane insurance is a kind of insurance that is in addition to your existing home insurance. In Texas, you will be required to pay a hurricane deductible in the event of a storm.

You can add hurricane insurance to your existing home insurance, or you may add named storm insurance to your home insurance.

Named Storm Insurance

Named storm insurance in Texas applies to any storm with a name. This could be a hurricane, a tropical storm, or any storm that is designated with a name or number by a federal agency.

Your standard home insurance and even hurricane insurance isn’t going to cover damage caused by a flood or a storm surge. A named insurance policy or rider could help.

Windstorm Insurance

Wind insurance is for damage caused by a storm that involves gusty wind events. This could mean a hurricane, but could also include any storm event where wind damage is caused. A high wind is enough, but you may also see damage from cyclones or tornado level winds. This covers property damage and contents of the home in many cases.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is not mandatory in Texas, but it’s a good idea. This insurance is purchased in addition to your home insurance. This will cover any flooding that is caused by storm, or by flood.

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At AAIGOT Insurance Agency Inc., we want Houston, TX residents to feel secure financially in the event of any storm. Call us today for a quote or to update your existing home insurance.

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